RC 455

RC-455 is a web-based synthesizer modeled after the classic Moog MiniMoog. It is an exploration of the WebAudio, WebMIDI and WebGL APIs and implementation of audio generation and processing in the browser.

The synth features 3 polyphonic oscillators, LFO and ENV modulators, distortion and reverb effects and a variable filter, the audio analyser provides visual feedback and a representation of the generated waveforms.

It can be played with the mouse, keyboard or any MIDI controller and the arpegiator can be used to liven up your performance.

A microphone input can be fed into an in-built vocoder that will make the synth "sing" by overlaying vocal formants on the generated audio in real-time. Finally, synth presets can be saved and explored to your local environment.

Technologies used

  • WebAudio API
  • WebGL API
  • CSS3

Shown at

  • Abstractions 2016