Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations at the ITP Winter Show 2017   Docs on Jenna Xu's blog

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Meditation requires years of practice to be fruitful, but entrainment may be a shortcut to less stress. The dome is an immersion into in a four-minute, pan-sensory experience that will reproduce the brain activity found in advanced meditation practitioners. Users wear a headset that measures their brain activity and heart rate during the session, so they will be able to see how the experience affected their bodies during their stay in the dome.

Bill of Materials


  • Wooden geodesic dome
  • Projection nylon
  • Node MCU & Arduino Uno
  • Pulse Sensor
  • Neurosky TGAM EEG sensor
  • Noise cancelling headphones
  • Essential oil diffusers
  • InFocus projector


  • Ableton Live 9
  • Max for Live
  • Lumen
  • Processing 3
  • MadMapper

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Made in collaboration with Jenna Xu.